Dance Like Nobody’s Watching……



At every point in a dancers world, we find ourselves in a quite room where we can just stare face to face with our own reflection. Then soon enough the music begins to play and we began to move our bodies in such way that it feels as if we are escaping from ourselves. There’s never a dull moment when a dancer freestyles. We allow the music to flow through us and we express the deepest parts of ourselves. For instance, a hip hop dancer may dance more aggressive than a ballet dancer whom dance with more grace and elegance. Either way dance is a form of expression. Sometimes we even pretend to put on a show. And in doing so we separate ourselves from reality as long as the song continues. When it comes down to experience, many say they can’t dance or they aren’t a dancer. I beg to differ for many reasons. I think anybody can dance as long they have fun and allow there bodies to be free. In doing will make them an amateur but those who perform and constantly chase growth is a professional. All in all, dance should be fun. That being said dance as if nobody’s watching.