How to become a dancer?

A lot of people say they wish they were a dancer. I tend to always tell them that its so easy to become one. Also, that it doesn’t happen over night. There are seven simple steps in becoming a dancer. Step 1, be sure that this is the is what you want to do. The last thing you want to do is invest time into something that you won’t be happy doing. Step 2, pick a style of dance. There’s so many out there. For example, hip hop, ballet, salsa, belly dancing and more. Step 3, do some research. Knowing what you can about a dance style can defiantly help with becoming a dancer.  Step 5, seek guidance. There’s a lot of dance studios around to teach even the beginners. For instance, in the picture above I took in El Salvador, were students who wanted to learn hip hop dance from me. Step 6, go experiment! Don’t be scared to dance in the mirror. Every dancer does this. Lastly,  for step 7, have fun. It wouldn’t be called dancing if its not fun. So get up, get out and start dancing.