Rain On My Parade Music Video (Part 1)

img_1075Prepping for a music video takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I’m honored to say that I get to be apart of a music video for an upcoming artist named Krizia. That being said there are many steps to making a music video. The first step to prepping for the video was making sure the dance choreography is on point. By that I mean each dancer must learn and practice the routine almost everyday if possible, not just together but on our own. Second, we must discuss props and the different outfits for each scene.  In this case there were 8 outfit changes and a few props, such as umbrellas.  The third step was too finalize all the different settings. The settings we used where at a house, in a car, at a dance studio and at an actually studio suite. Lastly, we needed to put everything on paper with set times. Once everything was organized we just needed to confirm everything with the director an the camera man. All said and done we we are ready to shoot!