All The Way Live 2016

14567482_1315552198485834_2092655900450790980_oOver the weekend I was able to attend the All The Way Live Urban Dance Festival in Fremont, CA. Upon arrival I helped set up the venue before the dance competitors showed. Around 2pm the competitors started trickling in and the pre battling begin also known as preliums. There were 2 big theaters being used for each category. The dance style Waacking and Locking were in small theater. In the larger was breaking, popping and the all style kids battle. As these battles continued, eventually some the top crews went on to compete in the finals.

Around 6pm doors open for the general admission. There was a lot people storming in to fill up the amphitheater. You can see dancers left and right. Once the final  battles began the crowd went crazy. First we had the lockers compete, which was an epic funky battle. Second, the waacking battle, with the winner being a guy. It was amazing. I defiantly wanted to get on that stage and dance. Then the kids all style battling began. Lauren, a 8 year old girl took the tittle. As the show went on, there was a special performance by LA’s very own Versa Style dance crew. Lastly, the last battles took over the crowd. Everyone cheered and danced along to the music. Prince Ali, from San Jose won the popping battle and five9 crew winning the bboy trophy. It was defiantly a fun night and I can’t wait to enter the battle two years from now.