What it like to be a Bboy/Bgirl in El Salvador?

img_4770In Central America a lot kids have to become adults real fast due to poverty and gang violence. That being said they sometimes lose sight of their dreams. A few years ago I got the opportunity to meet some strong and talented individuals in El Salvador. Break dancing has save many lives  in  El Salvador. It keeps the young out of the streets and it gives them hope. In 1984 B-Boying began in El Salvador, but the Civil War stopped that right away. Breaking back then was dangerous. The government claimed the breakers were rebels and the rebels said they were contra-revolutionary, so everybody wanted to see them dead.
In the year 2000 B-Boying came back. And from then on a lot of Salvadorians fight there way through life by break dancing. In 2013,  the All The Way Live Foundation raised money to put on a show and give money to local schools in El Salvador. The show was one of the best thing that happened in El Salvador. It was the one thing that brought boy sides of the country together to share one dream.