Dance Isn’t Just for Fun

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-6-17-02-pmDancing is the perfect way to add physical activity into our lives; young or old, evidence shows that having an inactive lifestyle can have a negative impact on our health. Moving to any enjoyable music stimulates the senses such as sight, sound and touch. It’s great fun and it’s good for our bodies and minds. Dancing will improve the health of our heart and lungs, as well as test our balance and flexibility. Regular dancing will also help keep you trim. As you dance across the floor, you’ll be burning calories in about a half-hour. An average person will burn at least 99 calories doing just the simplest  moves. Of course this varies person and how active one is. Salsa dancing is one of a high-intensity cardiovascular activity which can burn up to 450 calories.  A regular dance will keep your mind active as well as your body. Exercise improves circulation and helps prevent oxygen starvation to the brain, and remembering complex steps stimulates the working memory. Research in the USA has shown that dancing in it’s best form of physical activity. Many dance forms are wonderfully relaxing. You can let your mind wander and dance on your two feet. Depending on the style you choose, a dance class can be a pleasant trip down memory lane, or a stimulating voyage into new musical realms. All in all, I dance at least 3-4 times a week for exercise but everyday to get myself ready for my day. So get up an get moving!