Pharside and The Academy of Villains

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-10-27-21-pmAll dancers admire one another; especially if its someone famous. As for me I have so many but my all time favorite is Christopher Jennings also known as Pharside. Pharside is the founder of Academy of Villians along side his girlfriend Krystal Meraz, a famous dance crew. Pharside has been dancing for many years. However, he caught my attention when he was on the dance crew Super Crew from America’s Best Dance Crew Tv show. Since then he has grown so  much. He created a new dance crew that originates in both San Mateo and in LA. He has won many awards, been on a lot  of Tv shows and has grown as a dancer.   Pharside established Academy of Villains also known as AOV in 2009. They are known as a theatrical dance company known for story-telling, incredibly intense choreography, and jaw-dropping stunts. Their mission is to inspire others by fusing dance with the notion of magic. By creating an illusional atmosphere full of suspense, unlike anything else spectators have ever witnessed, they take their viewers on an exhilarating journey of emotion. Academy of Villains will open your eyes to a world of wonder, glory, and excitement. I seen them on TV and in person, an they are worth seeing.