Rain On My Parade Music Video Part 2

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-9-43-49-pmAfter preparing for the Music Video for about a month it was finally show time. First, myself and the two other back up dancers had to get our hair  and make up ready. Then the singer Krizia got her make up and hair ready. Then soon after the camera  man arrived and was prepping us for the long day we had ahead of us. The first scene that was taken was of the back up dancer Caressa whom was filming her scenario of the argument with her mom before going to dance practice. The second scene was of Caressa getting picked by the other dancer Geneva and then rushing to get to practice. then after shooting that for about two hours, we moved to location two. For this scene all the dancers and the artist shows up to practice at a dance studio to practice. Continue reading


Rain On My Parade Music Video (Part 1)

img_1075Prepping for a music video takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I’m honored to say that I get to be apart of a music video for an upcoming artist named Krizia. That being said there are many steps to making a music video. The first step to prepping for the video was making sure the dance choreography is on point. Continue reading