Dance is movement
Dance is picture making
Dance is storytelling
Dance is expression
Dance is emotional

Dance, like any form of kinetic activity (football, gymnastics, boxing, fencing, kayaking, parkour, etc.) is all about movement. However, what separates dance from these other activities is that the movement is not a means to an end per se, but rather the focus. Moving your limbs to the beat of the music, hitting your mark, moving with musicality, that’s what dance is all about.

Picture Making & Storytelling
A dancer creates a picture with their body and a story with their choreography. There are so many ways to twist, bend, and otherwise position the human body.

Dance is a form of self-expression. Dancers move their bodies to music and/or create choreography. It’s about having an idea and bringing it to life. Creation.

Dancers not only dance because its fun. They dance to express themselves, while taking you on a journey with them. When one watches dancers they feel what the dancer is feeling to whatever music is playing.

That being said there are so many types of dance such as: Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz, HipHop, Salsa and more!