Raves are a celebration. Raves are a coming together that bring people from all corners of the world together with the love for one thing: music. Over the years, raves have created a sub culture that embraces the diversity and differences of each individual regardless of sex, race, social standing, or any other prejudices we may face in society. Aside from the flashing lights and lasers, mobs of people, blaring music, and questionable sobriety, raves are a place that bring people together.

The culture of raves has been built from generations of individuals who wanted something different. It is created by the daring individuals who wanted something where everyone can be socially excepted, whether you are gay, straight, skinny, fat, black, yellow, or white. The culture strives on the foundation of 4 principles: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Peace is to represent harmony between all cultures. Love to represent caring for one another with an open heart, to lookout for one another. Unity is to stand as one, to pass on the culture to future generations, to keep the fire burning. Respect stands for the respect for each other, regardless of what’s going on in the world around us.