Video Project

For my final project, I had to shoot and edit a 5 to 6  minute video with audio using Apple’s iMovie video editing software. I had to provide a voiceover, a non-copyrighted musicbed and video clips I shot from my iPhone 6s. My video is called “Basics of Krump” featuring one of my good friends Huy Dao aka Aftashock. In making this video I wrote out a storyline to help keep everything organized. The second thing was look for non copyrighted music, in which I found on Soundcloud. I then had to convert the music to download it on my Mac to port into iTunes. Then began shooting Huy teach using my iPhone 6s camera and a tripod. After filming all the elements for the video I ported all the video clips anatomy computer an deported them in order in iMovie. I then went in and added my front and end slates. The next step was to add the voice over, in which iMovie let one record over each clip. Then I finally added my titling, a single transition and effects. The video turned out really good and this project inspired me to shoot more videos that I will later post on my youtube channel.