What it like to be a Bboy/Bgirl in El Salvador?

img_4770In Central America a lot kids have to become adults real fast due to poverty and gang violence. That being said they sometimes lose sight of their dreams. A few years ago I got the opportunity to meet some strong and talented individuals in El Salvador. Break dancing has save many lives  in  El Salvador. It keeps the young out of the streets and it gives them hope. In 1984 B-Boying began in El Salvador, but the Civil War stopped that right away. Breaking back then was dangerous. Continue reading


All The Way Live 2016

14567482_1315552198485834_2092655900450790980_oOver the weekend I was able to attend the All The Way Live Urban Dance Festival in Fremont, CA. Upon arrival I helped set up the venue before the dance competitors showed. Around 2pm the competitors started trickling in and the pre battling begin also known as preliums. There were 2 big theaters being used for each category. The dance style Waacking and Locking were in small theater. In the larger was breaking, popping and the all style kids battle. As these battles continued, eventually some the top crews went on to compete in the finals. Continue reading